Sunday, February 12, 2006

WATIR Recorder

If anyone stumbled on this blog I apologize for not posting more often. I hope to publish some troubleshooting techniques soon. Here is a tid bit off the users group that might help some folks get started using Ruby.

I have not fully evaluated the tool, but it seems intuitive and can give some a quick framework to work within.

I am still hampered from fully implementing our suite of automated tests. I am not able to efficiently interact with windows to download and export files. As soon as we accomplish that I think we will be in good shape with WATIR.

I also ran into a problem this Friday were I can not run multiple suites of test cases. On error occurs then all of the scripts crash opeing up numerous browser instances. Seems like I can run them a suite at a time, so that should be sufficient.

It is late! If you have not tried WATIR for functional testing you need to give it a shot.

Good night!