Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reply to the Two Hour Challenge

Finally getting around to my answer to the two hour challenge.  I appreciated the two people who attempted to tackle the two hour challenge.

Here would have been my approach:

  • 25 minutes exploring the site/application gathering context and testing ideas in a mind map
  • 5 minutes organizing the test ideas in order of importance or likelyhood to uncover bugs
  • 60 minutes executed the test ideas in order of importance and during execution taking notes.  The notes would be tagged - bug, question, observation, enhancement, issue, and action
  • 30 minutes summarizing my findings in a report where the report includes a list of bugs, questions, observations, enhancement suggestions, issues, and future action items.  The list of action items would include recommendations on additional test ideas I would recommend the team execute.
Hopefully based on these findings, I would be contracted to do additional testing.

Targeted and time-based sessions work!  Try it!