Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To act or Not to Act

Quick question for all test enthusiasts.

1. You are browsing the web.
2. You find a site, perhaps a major casino or an airline
3. The site is not user-friendly
4. Site has a major defect

Do you act an attempt to report the issue?


No act and accept the flaw?

I am finding myself more and more documenting my experience and submitting it to the site. Which brings me to another point in that often it is difficult to find on the site the appropriate link to submit a defect.

Recently I sent a browser compatibility observation to a company and the CEO replied with a Thanks!

Comment and let me know what you would do.

Long live WATIR!


Bret Pettichord said...

I used take notes on these kinds of things with the idea that i'd write a great blog post about these errors someday. It never happened and now i just move on. But it is great that you are doing something about it.

Political Beat said...

Sometimes I try to give feedback. If feedback is difficult, then they do not want to know - I save my energy.

Anna said...

I have tried this as well. Sometimes I would get a reply and other times not.