Friday, April 02, 2010

Do your Homework!

Good morning!  This is a quick post to my blog rather than making a tacky post on a users forum.  I believe we all gain very valuable information and assistance from user forums.  I pay close attention to a couple of forums and groups, but here is a snippet of a post on the JMeter forum that gets my feathers ruffled.

"I wnat to perform load,performance and capacity testing for a web site. can
you guide me how to do that

Do you see anything wrong with this post?

OK, there are typing errors, but what I see is an individual who has not even attempted to learn about the topic.  These individuals need to install the tools.  Follow the examples learn what they can then post intelligent questions.

So far the forum has explained to this individual the differences between load and performance testing and provided this individual with links to all the starting material.  Now with this post they expect the forum to do the work for them.

Please people put in a little bit of effort!

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Unknown said...

Yes, the questions, at least to me, should have been more specific, relating to a specific part of the tool and at least indicating an attempt to use or learn the tool independently.