Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pirates vs Ninjas make it to Prime Time

I was catching up on some recorded shows.  I was watching my new favorite show, The Defenders.  Funny that it is set in Las Vegas the last location of STPCon.  Any rate last nights episode involved a hacker.  The main characters mentioned pirates and ninjas when talking about the hacker.  Were they observing Adam's and Lanette's Lightning talks at STPCon.  I found it very funny to hear pirates and ninjas mentioned regarding software on a prime time show.

The lightning talks were one of the highlights of the conference.  They were put on as breakfast bytes by Matt Heuser.  I love the format of lightning talks.

Since STPCon I have done some thinking about "pirates being better than Ninjas".  I have to respectively disagree with Adam Goucher.  I think ninjas are better than pirates.  Pirates might support developers in a loud and boisterous manner.  Ninjas would support developers in a silent and stealthy manner.  The good news is that testers exist to support development.

I guess it was obvious that I lean toward ninjas, hence the title of this blog.  That reminds me I need to get my ninjapus image uploaded to this humble blog.  My kids worked really hard prior to STPCon to help me create my logo.  I need to shrink it to appear on the blog, but I can certainly include it in this post.  You have to love the power of a ninja with 8 arms and multiple weapons for testing.  I think my kids 11 & 14 did an excellent job!  Go Ninjas!

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