Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waterfall vs Agile

This past week Lanette Creamer posted on her great blog some statements with respect to her current team.  She implies that Waterfall teams are better at communication than Agile teams.

I would contend that the methodology has little to do with it.  You take a motivated and well spoken tester like Lanette, then combine other motivated members to her team and you will get good communication.

Motivated people make communication happen.  I will go one step further and say good communication makes for successful projects.

I have worked on waterfall, v-model, and agile projects.  If given the choice I will choose agile.

With waterfall and v-model I always found the massive amounts of documentation, document review, and the cumbersome process of reviewing changes to the documentation to be tedious.  In my opinion at times the process hindered communication.

With agile, lean, or Kanban we are afforded the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and quickly change the process.

But as to Lanette's point, agile projects can only be successful with excellent team communication.

So everyone who would like their projects to be successful sharpen your communication skills.

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