Saturday, November 03, 2012

Time to think

I truly dislike the fact that I do not blog more.  I still do a lot of reading and I am participating what seems to be a great course on-line with Stanford University called "A Crash Course on Creativity".  I simply do not do enough writing.

This morning I read Michael Bolton's blog post.   As usual his post got me thinking on various topics but primarily on "Where does my time go"?

As Mr. Bolton describes I am going to go through the exercise of using graph paper to illustrate where my time disappears to, but more importantly I am going to think more clearly as to where my time should be spent as a Senior QA Engineering Manager.

I need to spend more time marketing the value of testing.

I need to spend more time marketing test innovations.

I need to spend more time on educating and mentoring the team.

I need to spend more time educating myself.

I need to spend more time learning to become a forward thinker or visionary.

Ideally I would like to spend more time testing, but apparently that is no longer in my job description as a Senior Manager.

So just in this very short blog post of thinking out loud.  I have come up with two key areas that I must find time for, Marketing and Education.

Hmmm!  Now I need to go spend time thinking more about why do I have to market testing at all and why I feel compelled to educate others or myself.

First I guess I need to steal some graph paper from our daughter and map out where my time goes.  Then I might be able to add a slot for additional blog posts.

Happy Testing!

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