Sunday, January 19, 2014

Looking in a Mirror

I initially was going to add a post about checking versus testing.  I started to reread some of the posts starting in 2009 to the present.  I quickly concluded that the topic truly is not controversial at all.  In general I concluded that both are important if you do care to make a distinction.

So I decided to walk through recent blog posts and I came a across a gem from Peter Walen.  I have meet Mr. Walen at I believe two conferences and I always learn something, so enjoy his post.  Where his post struck a nerve with me is the idea of self reflection or introspection.

I believe people tend to blame others before they look in the mirror.  I recommend that everyone do some introspection before they seek external cause.  So I would like to point anyone who happens upon this blog to check out "The Leadership Gift".  Christopher Avery educates communities on the "Responsibility Tree".  You can see the tree on the right hand side of the link.  I think very few people are able to work up the ladder to the final rung to take responsibility for their own actions.

When I read Peter's post I can relate.  The hiring process is hard.  Letting go of control is hard.  Trust is hard.  Achieving success hard.  So in combining the post on personality traits and the responsibility tree, I think you should be looking in the mirror at oneself first in order to continuously improve.  Introspection will allow you to grow and perhaps help others.

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