Sunday, March 16, 2014

Testing versus Winning the Lottery

I just returned from a wonderful vacation at Seagrove Beach Florida.  I really did not have a clue what to blog about until I reflected on the vacation.  On our road trip we stopped at a Subway/Gas station.  I observed many interactions at this place, but the one that peaked my curiosity was the two ladies who spent $32 each on Power ball tickets and the family who sat at a table rapidly scratching their pile of scratch off lottery tickets.  I guess I was amazed at how they could spend their time and hard earned money on such long shot purchases.

As related to testing is seems like testers may spend most of their time rapidly looking for long shots.
Great testers typically do not rely on random luck, but I feel like there are some similarities.

Sometimes we testers throw money at the problem like the two ladies.

Sometimes we collaborate like the family all doing the scratch off tickets.

I did not observe the diversity of the scratch off tickets, but I could assume that the family strategically selected the tickets they suspected might pay off.  We testers do the same thing using a risk based approach to testing.

I believe the two ladies relied on the random generation of power ball numbers.  We testers use random inputs all the time hoping to hit the defect jackpot.

My conclusion is that testers gamble often.  Our jackpot just happens to be bugs!

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