Thursday, April 30, 2015

Don't be a Cow

In early April I was reading some various articles and blog posts when I stumbled upon this quote, “I have a very strong opinion that there is no place for manual testing in the industry whatsoever - manual being testers who are told to spend days following test scripts.”  Scott Noakes - CEO of Linewize

This is one of those quotes I think you have to carefully interpret.  If read rapidly you conclude he wants all manual testing eliminated.  If you read the quote carefully he has a specific definition for manual testers.  Manual testers are people who are "told to spend days following test scripts".

I think Scott Noakes has it right.

Testers should not follow a script, but instead challenge themselves to leverage their cognitive skills.  A scripted path through a software application will most likely land you at the same spot every time.  It is a testers job to deviate from a path to go where no one has explored before.

Chapter 12 in "More Agile Testing" by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin will show you a newer definition of manual testing.  The chapter focuses on an investigative style of testing.

Testers should be adventurers, explorers, and scientists.  We should not follow a common path. Are you being told to spend your days following test scripts?

I encourage you to find alternative approaches.  You should read "More Agile Testing".  You should also read more about Session-Based Test Management.

You are not a cow, but a human with a brain.

Happy Testing!

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