Saturday, October 29, 2011

Images from Speed Geeking at STP Conference

Here are pictures of the flip chart presentation I used during Speed Geeking - Breakfast Bytes at 2011 STP Conference.   I must say that it turned out to be extremely fun.  A huge thanks to those who stopped by to listen.

As Testers in the World of Kanban remember these 8 disciplines.

Happy Testing!




Eric Pugh said...

Carl, are you saying you did your presentation as a flipchart? AWESOME! I get so tired of powerpoint slides.

I did a Lord of the Rings theme for my last version of "Better Search Engine Testing", just to liven things up!

Carl said...

Eric - this was an 8 minute lightning talk that I had to give three concurrent times. It was an absolute blast. My 15 year old gave me crap about my art work, but it was truly fun.

I also did a one hour presentation on "Testing in the World of Kanban". I think I had only 4 slides with words, but it was Power Point. :(