Sunday, October 16, 2011

Preparing for STP Conference Dallas 2011

As usual I have not made posting to this humble blog a priority.  As I sit here this Sunday morning I have three things I would like to cover.
  • Preparation for STP Conference 2011 in Dallas
  • Quick book review, "The Goal" by Eliyahu Goldratt
  • Attending James Bach talk on Testing Medical Devices
Maybe I am trying to tackle to much in this post, so I may just do three mini posts.

In the spring I spoke at the STP Conference in Nashville.  For those two presentations I was way more prepared by this point in the schedule.  I have one week left to prepare.  Yes I am a bit stressed, but it is a good kind of stress.  It is the high energy stress where I desire for excellence.  Will I achieve excellence? I have not a clue.  Will I learn something through this process?  Absolutely!

So thanks to an Austin develop, Mike Duvall at I was able to add a couple of key points regarding Kanban to my slide deck.  Mike did a fantastic job presenting Kanban at Agile Austin and he was kind enough to permit me to borrow a few of his slides.

Now this week I need to execute a dry run in front of some critical peers.  This is intended to be an introduction talk, so hopefully I can succeed in engaging discussion during my session on Wednesday.

I am a bit more freaked out in that I also volunteered to do a Speed Geeking session.  They have always been fun.  At past STP Conferences I really got charged by folks like Adam Goucher, Lynette Creamer, and Scott Barber.

Today I need to go to an office supply store and get the materials.  I am excited, but it will take some time to prepare.  The preparation should be fun.  I hope I can bring the same high level energy as some of my colleagues and more importantly value in 8 minutes.

I think I am scheduled to do the Speed Geeking and my presentation on the same day.  I guess that gives me even more stress on preparation.

Hopefully you will come listen to me speak and given me feedback.

Two more quick blog posts, then I had better prepare! 

Somehow this morning I must squeeze in a movie on Netflix with my lovely wife.  I do not have time, but somethings are just extremely important!

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