Sunday, February 09, 2014

Eurostar 2014

Well I could not really find anything exciting to write about this week.  I did however submit a couple of topics to present at Eurostar 2014.

I am hoping the abstracts are written well enough to have a chance.

Here are the two abstracts for critique and input.  Although already submitted I would still welcome any thoughts or questions.

Track Talk - Leading Collaborative Testing at Scale

Carl Shaulis will share experiences and practices executing collaborative testing at a company-wide scale.  The testing dojo can take on many dimensions from paired testing, team testing and grow into a company wide testing initiative.  The collaborative process is based on the principles of Session Based Test Management, Agile practices and quality focused leadership.  Carl will elaborate on the experience of managing the effort, reporting results, applying daily retrospectives, and actively involving stakeholders outside of QA or development.  Everyone will learn how to lead a large corporate scale test dojo with a high level of confidence and success. 

Discussion Topic - Test Case Nightmares

Everyone has experienced the nightmare of combinatorial mathematics as test cases and variance increase for modern applications.  The reality is that with rapid software development and many new devices you must randomize the testing or become good at determining risks.  Carl will discuss the pros and cons of test case management.  Carl will also offer techniques using mind maps, risk factors and a game that can help inject variance into test execution.  Everyone will walk away with effective ways to manage your test case nightmare and have a little fun along the way.

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