Sunday, February 02, 2014

Fun with Test Cases

The inspiration for this short post comes from two sources.  

  • A Tweet last week by Noah Sussman, "For instance: Q. How do you manage your test cases? A. Can't talk. Shipping Code."
So my direct answer to Noah was review then delete when it comes to desk cases.  Historically the testing practices advocated for building a mountain of test cases and your product would be "completely" tested.  Should your test cases be Mount Everest or a small dirt pile?  I prefer the dirt pike because it would be easy to move in a reasonable amount of time.

I think it is OK to develop test cases as a source of your testing ideas, but you need to be willing to rapidly abandon some of those ideas.

I am toying with the concept that if a test case is execute 3 times and no issues are uncovered, then we abandon the test case.  Alternatively we should change the test mission.  If it happens to be a test case that checks a critical element, then automate it.

Another idea I am toying with is what I call "Test Case Craps, TCC".  In today's testing world there are numerous browsers and devices so this game can allow your randomly spice up your testing.

The game requires dice (2) and a list.  The list is mapped to the value of the dice.  In this example I put the most commonly used browser relative to the frequency.

2 - 2.78%     Fire Fox Previous version (-1)3 - 5.56%     Fire Fox Latest Version4 - 8.33%     Chrome Previous Version (-1)5 - 11.11%   Chrome Latest Version6 - 13.89%   IE 107 - 16.67%   IE 118 - 13.89%   iPad (iOS 6)9 - 11.11%   iPhone (iOS 6)10 - 8.33%   Android Tablet11 - 5.56%   Android Phone12 - 2.78%   Safari Latest Version

Before you execute the test case roll the dice.  Use the matching device to execute the test case.  This list can be in what ever context you choose (12 most critical functions of AUT), but it can add some randomness and fun to your testing.

So the moral of this short post is to rapidly abandon test cases that do not provide value and have fun!

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