Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Short Post on STP Conference

It is pouring down rain in Las Vegas.  Yes I said pouring down rain.  The rain and long taxi line is preventing us from going back to our condo.  So we are hanging out waiting to go to the big party at Treasure Island.  We will be true geeks and take our computer backpacks to the party.

So here are my short thoughts.
  • Great people
  • Extremely engaging
  • Some material unfortunately is not applicable to the things we are currently focused on
  • Some speakers I could listen to all day long
  • I am eating way to much food
  • I am doing tons of walking, but not off setting the amount of food and mmmm alcohol
  • I am having a great time
  • And the organizers of the event are doing a FABULOUS job!
  • I hope I can be a presenter in the near future.
  • I hope I can continue to collaborate with some of these smart people.
  • And final note - I wish I had a large volume of cash
Hopefully I will find the time to post future blogs on all of the things that are currently floating around in my two brain cells.

Have fun!

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