Sunday, October 31, 2010

Top Ten STP Conference Experiences

I plan to write up individual posts on some of the sessions attended at the STP Conference.  In the mean time I thought I would rank the sessions and experiences in order of value to me. 
  1. Session 103 - Testers! Get out of the Quality Assurance business - Michael Bolton
  2. Keynote - G Forces in the Organization - Kent Beck
  3. Keynote - Nice Bike: Fueling Performance with Passion - Mark Scharenbroich
  4. Breakfast bytes - Agile Testing Ninjas - Lanette Creamer
  5. Breakfast bytes - Pirates are better than Ninjas Even in the Agile World - Adam Goucher
  6. Workshop - Hands on Performance Testing Dan Downing and Goranka Bjedov
  7. Session 403 - Ever Been fooled by Performance Testing Results? - Mieke Gevers
  8. Session 305 - From Start to Success with Web Automation - Adam Goucher
  9. Keynote - Top Ten Leadership Skills: Surviving and thriving in 21st Century - Kelli Vria
  10. Party on the Strip - Christian Audigier at Treasure Island (met many great Testers!)
If you attended, what were your top ten?

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