Thursday, October 14, 2010

STP Conference are you ready for me?

On Sunday I depart with 2 colleagues for Las Vegas to attend the STP Conference.  I am pumped up.  I am ready to learn what is happening in the wonderful world of testing.

On Monday I am attending an all day hands workshop about Performance Testing.  I do know how to use JMeter, but I am hoping to learn more tricks and gain insight as to how others approach performance testing.  Perhaps I have a few tricks up my sleeve to share!

Here are some of the other sessions I am hoping to actively participate in.
  1. Testers!  Get Out of the Quality Assurance Business by Michael Bolton
  2. Becoming an Automation Entrepreneur by Linda Hayes
  3. From Start to Success with Web Automation by Adam Goucher
  4. Ever Been Fooled by Performance Test Results? by Mieke Gevers
  5. Testing in an Agile Environment by Rob Walsh
  6. Test Faster: Model Your Test Process to Test Faster by John Ruberto
  7. Using Open Source Testing at Ford by Frank Cohen
  8. What You Need to Know About Performance Testing by Michael Czeiszperger
I may switch gears and attend other sessions, depending on the value.  There are so many excellent topics to choose from.  I am hoping to meet and network with as many testing gurus as possible.

There are a couple of key note speakers I am curious about Kelli Vrla and Kent Beck.  I am sure they will all be interesting.   The real key is to keep me away from poker tables.  :o)

Stay tuned for future posts on various topics spinning in my two brain cells after the conference.

Happy Testing!

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